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Client testimonials

As a professional photographer it is vital I have a website that showcases my photography at its best. CodeIt Design led me through each step of the process to create a website that fit my needs. If you want to create a quality website, I highly recommend CodeIt Design!

– Donna Eaton

Donna Eaton Photography

My project this summer was to work on a photography website. Patrick Smith at CodeIt Design was absolutely wonderful to work with! He is fantastic at what he does! If you’re thinking about a professional photography site, call CodeIt Design!

– Mary Presson Roberts

Mary Presson Photography

The smartest thing I did was hire a professional web design firm and SEO expert to optimize the content, design, and navigation. I can tell you without hesitation that this website would not exist as it is today without their guidance. CodeIt Design has helped me beyond measure.

- Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams Photography

I could not have asked for better service. I like the quality, and the quick and efficient service. I like the design process that was used: the style of art was well thought out before starting the design of the web site. Overall it was well thought out, a great value and very cost-effective. Perfect.

- Grace Cathey

Grace Cathey Metal Sculpture

I like a lot of things about working with CodeIt Design - especially the look and feel of my new website. It matches what I was looking for… - …I especially appreciate the explanations for why particular approaches work best for my site - that builds an understanding of the technology behind it

The new website provides the foundation for how I want my work to be presented - clean, simple and calm. I believe it communicates visually my emotional response and connectedness to outdoor and nature photography subjects in a way that my previous site did not.

(as it relates to updates and maintenance…) There is more to learn on my part, but I am confident that CodeIt Design will make the process much easier.

- Jamie Davidson

New Life Photos

For many years I struggled to find a very good website developer that was affordable and reliable. After several bad experiences with others, I struck gold when introduced to Patrick Smith of CodeIt Design by another professional photographer also very happy with his performance. There are a lot of companies and individuals pretending to be knowledgeable and reliable, Patrick is the real deal. He knows his business, and delivers what he promises on time and on budget. Whenever I need tech support, website updates, or flyers sent to clients, Patrick is always there every step of the way, ready to discuss ideas, and ultimately there to implement our plans. Patrick feels more like a friend and business partner rather than just another web guy willing to work on my website.

- Adam Jones

Adam Jones Photography

Several photographer friends sang Patrick’s praises when I expressed an interest in having someone else take my website over for me. I had thought that I could design a Wordpress site, but despite trying to customize my work, it never looked the way I envisioned it.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and pricing, I wish that I had gone the “CodeIt Design” route from the very beginning. I spent all kinds of money on plugs ins and other peripherals in order to “try” to do the design myself.

I did abandon my blog to incorporate the new one within the design, which should simplify my life even more. I believe that the “branding,” a term that has bothered me as a non-business oriented person will make a difference. I was determined to have a site that was uncluttered and that gave the emphasis to the photography rather than the site.

To say that I’m happy is an understatement, and I heartily endorse any work with CodeIt Design.

- Cindy Hamilton

Cindy Hamilton Photography